We have been a part of the Hart school of Dance for over 12 years. I have watched my daughter grow from a tiny tot to now a senior and her love for dance has only grown stronger. During this time, the school has expanded with other genres along the way. Acknowledging all forms of dance equally creative in their own right.

Teachers are genuinely interested in every student’s progress and highlight their strengths.

The Hart school of dance provides respect to the Art of Dance. Combining traditional techniques in tap, jazz and ballet and exploring modern twists to the choreography, which brings a professional approach.


In the many years my children have been a part of the Hart School of Dance, as a parent I am always impressed by their commitment to developing the best in my children's skills to dance and perform.

Hart School provides not only a high quality standard of dance lessons but is a place where my children feel at home and belong. My family and friends each year always comment on the professional quality of the end of year concerts. When your children tell you that the end of year dancing concert is bigger than Christmas I know as a parent that Hart School of Dance is a special place.


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